Our commitments to the environment

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Respect for biodiversity and the environment is an absolute priority for the L'Oréal group, in the same way as health, safety and animal welfare. We are committed to having 95% of bio-based ingredients in our formulas derived from abundant minerals or from circular processes by 2030.

Designing products that respect the Planet

To ensure the environmental safety of our products:

  • Our ingredients are rigorously selected. We favour biodegradable ingredients and, in all cases, those that have the lowest impact on the environment.
  • Our ingredients and products are eco-tested in our aquatic platform to ensure they are harmless for the aquatic environment.
  • We work in partnership with external organisations, such as the CNRS, the Monaco Scientific Centre and universities.

Nos engagements pour le respect de l’environnement

Our approach to assessing the environmental impact of products and ingredients

As we do for human safety evaluation, we conduct a strict environmental impact assessment on our products and ingredients. This evaluation is carried out in several stages based on data from the scientific literature, from modelling or from specific tests.

For each ingredient, we analyse the environmental data provided by our suppliers. If this data is insufficient, our environmental security evaluators look for additional information in the scientific literature and international databases. When the chemical structure of the ingredients is precisely known, our safety evaluators can also carry out computer modelling of their biodegradability. If this data is still not sufficient, we conduct our own tests on the ingredients and their combination in formulas.

In 1995, we created our Environmental Research Laboratory whose mission is to develop alternative methods, like the ones used for human safety evaluation, to evaluate the impact of our ingredients and products on ecosystems such as water and soil, and on biodiversity. We are working on improving the environmental profile of formulas to improve their biodegradability. We select our ingredients so that the final formula is environmentally friendly.


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