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What is octinoxate ?

Octinoxate is an organic sun filter (from carbon). This filter mainly absorbs UVB radiation, which is responsible for tanning but also for sunburn and skin cancer. 

In our products, it appears in the list of ingredients on the packaging, under the name ETHYLHEXYL METHOXYCINNAMATE.

Where does it come from?

Where does it come from?

Octinoxate is a synthetic organic compound (based on carbon, oxygen and hydrogen) that absorbs UV rays. It is a derivative of cinnamic acid that can be found in cinnamon. 

Why is it used?

Octinoxate protects the skin from the sun's harmful effects, which can lead to long-term skin cancer. This filter mostly absorbs UVB radiation.
It has a positive impact on the texture and appearance of the cosmetic products in which it is used.

  • Absorbs UVB rays

  • Anti-sunburn

Why is it questioned?

Octinoxate is suspected of being an endocrine disruptor for humans and for aquatic fauna.

It is also suspected of having an impact on coral bleaching.

The Facts

  • According to the evaluation by the French Agency for the Safety of Health Products (Afssaps) in April 2012, octinoxate is safe in cosmetic products under authorised conditions, i.e. up to a maximum concentration of 10%.
  • According to the World Health Organization (WHO) definition, octinoxate is not an endocrine disruptor. In the absence of a possible conclusion on endocrine disruption effects on aquatic fauna based on the available scientific data, the European authorities have requested that further verifications be carried out.


  • Octinoxate is classified as toxic to aquatic organisms, causing long-term harmful effects, but it is easily biodegradable in the environment.

What is it used for in our products?

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Octinoxate, used all around the world, is a very good solvent for other sun filters, thus limiting the use of other oily compounds and limiting the greasiness and stickiness of products.

We use it in our daily sunscreen products (skincare creams with UV protection), but very little in our sunscreen products. 

As is the case with all our products, those containing octinoxate are systematically subjected to a strict evaluation of their quality and safety for the consumer. This is a fundamental principle that we apply throughout the world. 


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