What are allergens?

Allergens are foreign substances to the body that can cause in some individuals, after contact, an exaggerated response of the immune system called "allergy".
There are several types of allergies among which the best known are :

  • Immediate allergy mainly of food origin but also aerial or due to venoms, which can be very severe with expressions that go from skin rashes to anaphylactic shock
  • Delayed allergy, or contact allergy, which results in skin symptoms (redness, itching...) that are more or less extended around the contact area with the allergen.
Que sont les allergènes ?

Where do they come from?

Allergens are substances that are naturally present in our environment and food. For example, pollen or mites in dust can cause asthma. Peanuts and some dry fruits, shrimp, kiwis are well known to cause potentially serious allergic reactions.


Finally, synthetic ingredients can also be allergenic; this is the case of certain drugs, dyes and perfumes.

Why are they questioned?

Cosmetic products can sometimes cause allergic reactions, mainly what we call contact allergies. 


●    These reactions are rare, generally located where the product was applied and completely reversible when the product use is stopped. They may require a consultation with a dermatologist and an appropriate treatment. 

●    If a dermatologist diagnoses an allergy to one of our products, we provide him/her with the ingredients that compose it so that he/she can test it and determine the possible allergy of the patient. More suitable products can then be chosen.

●    With regards to cosmetics, the only study that exists shows that the number of cases of true allergy (i.e. confirmed by a dermatologist) in the general population is estimated at 0.1 - 0.2%.

Why and how do we use them?

Why and how do we use them
  • The ingredients we use in our products have all been rigorously evaluated regarding their allergenic potential. When we assess the safety of a cosmetic product before it is placed on the market, we check that the ingredients are used in such conditions that they will not induce any allergy.

  • Our products are subject to dedicated tests to check the absence of allergic reactions when used. This rigorous approach is applied to all the products we develop.

  • The complete list of ingredients in a product allows consumers who already know they are sensitized or allergic to a specific ingredient to choose products that do not contain it. And we propose a method of detecting a potential allergy before using the product. This is the case for hair dye products for which we recommend to routinely perform an allergy alert test 48 hours before using it.

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